Useful information


Accommodation is pleasant and comfortable, where possible. On the way we sleep in plain guest-houses and youth hostels with double-/multi-bedrooms. Especially when riding or hiking we also spend some nights in simple but clean and warm huts and village halls (mattress camp), old farmhouses and 2-person huts equipped with cooker, cooking utensils and provisions.


What does full board mean? As a rule this means: breakfast, substantial picnic or warm lunch, as well as warm dinner. We value typical Icelandic food, whenever possible. Typically Icelandic – most of all means healthy: Vegetables and salad from geothermic hothouses, fresh fish from the sea or our clean rivers, delicious dairy products which are not mass produced and lamb from absolute free-range animals.

En route, there is almost no possibility to spend extra money. But do take along some money for possible short-transfers in Reykjavík on departure-day. In most of our tour‘s is no alcohol drinks included in the tour price and in the highlands it is hard to get, that can be bought at the duty free store at keflavik airport upon arrival.

Luggage in horse tours.

Luggage will be transported in the kitcen van, pack light because transport space is limited, bring bags rather then hard cover suitcases.

Rating your horseback riding ability

This is a critically important first step in choosing a riding tour. For most of our multi-day riding trips you must have a good knowledge of the basics and some experience in riding cross-country.Maximum weight of rider is 120 kg

Horsetours : riding skills

Beginners: with a basic knowledge :

It is no problem for you to ride a safe horse in all gaits in the country. It is possible to take children or anxious riders into consideration.

Intermediate riders :

Comfortable and in control at all paces,firm seat,comfortable in the saddle for 4- 7 hours ride a day.

Experienced riders :

We are riding at a lively pace with free-running horses (pack-horses, exchange horses, young horses) and we appreciate it when our guests help driving and keeping the herd together.

For all our riding programs participants need to be fit and healthy.

Hiking level

Easy :

We sometimes walk over rough ground without roads or paths. Hiking up to 8 hours a day. Participants should be generally fit and healthy. No previous knowledge necessary.

Moderate :

We mostly walk over rough ground without roads or paths, we have to cross rivers and carry luggage (incl. sleeping-bag). Participants should be fairly fit, healthy and steadfast.

Our mountain huts are simple but warm, clean and well equipped with goods and cooking utensils. However, we all have to carry some of the fresh food we need as well as our personal daily things.

Things to bring along for hiking tours:

Comfortable well-fitting water-proof hiking shoes, an extra pair of shoes or boots for crossing especially damp areas as in some tours , slippers, rain-proof clothes (jacket and trousers), hiking-bag, gloves and cap, bathing costume or trunks, sunglasses, sleeping bag (Hiking II only), warm, functional clothing, trekking-rucksack (Hiking II only), hiking-sandals or similar shoes for river-crossings (Hiking II only).


It is the participate responsibility to assess their own level of  proficiency. If uncertain, please check with icelandtouroperators before booking your tour. Please also note that participate is at your own risk.

We reserves the right to change and adjust  routes should weather conditions or other external circumstances make the original route unsafe or even dangerous which are not refundable.

Please note that some guest-houses do not serve breakfast for passengers of early morning flights (departure 5.00).

We reserve the right to change programs when absolutely necessary (e.g. extreme weather conditions).

Please understand that we cannot repay for services provided, that you don’t wish to use.

Thanks for reading this information and have a nice and save travel in Iceland.