From 12,900 kr.

During this trip you will see the small islands around Vestmannaeyjar, the elephant rock, a lot of wildlife, nature and sea caves. You will get to know the history of Vestmannaeyjar and see unique rock formations. Go on the perfect trip to get both a thrill and great guidance on a RIB Speedboat

From 18,900 kr.

A trip to remember as you will see "everything". A 2 hour sailing in Vestmannaeyjar on a RIB speedboat. During this trip we will sail with you to the most popular islands in our archipelago. You will see the elephant rock, a lot of wildlife, nature, islands and sea caves. You will get to know the history of Vestmannaeyjar and see unique rock formations

From 11,900 kr.

This tour combines the best of Reykjavík's surrounding waters. Before or after exploring the wonders of the whales and seabirds in Faxaflói it is ideal to visit Viðey Island and ...

From 8,500 kr.

Enjoy an evening dedicated to Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s continuing campaign for world peace. The tour unites history, art and nature and is set on the beautiful island of Viðey, mere minutes from Reykjavík by boat.

From 10,990 kr.

Search for Aurora Borealis away from the city lights, on this thrilling winter cruise. Northern Lights are best displayed under dark, clear skies. You can find these conditions from September until the end of April in...

From 15,200 kr.

A Reykjavik fishing tour that's fun for everyone - no experience needed! Breathing in the fresh air, being out in the open ocean and catching your first fish of the day is an experience not soon forgotten! This tour is a must do for first timers and experienced fishermen alike.

From 21,990 kr.

An exhilarating express tour starting from the Old Harbour in Reykjavík everyday from 15 April to 31 October. This is a small group tour only 12 person per boat with specially trained whale guide and certified RIB...

From 10,990 kr.

The Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, are a natural phenomena typically seen on a dark but clear skied night. Green, purple, pink...

From 41,800 kr.

Want to get the best of both worlds? Start your day by taking to the sky. Explore the tiny houses of Reykjavík, the massive mountains and the...