From 3,000 kr.

We offer guided tours where people can see behind the scenes and touch the magic world of chocolate. At our factory in Reykjavík, you’ll get an introduction to the craft of making chocolate from the cocoa pod all the way to a chocolate bar. Tasting of all our bars is of course part of the tour.

From 10,000 kr.

You are a team of private investigators sent to break into the office of the Godfather. A famous painting, Madonna by Edvard Munch, has been stolen from a Norwegian art museum. The museum got a tip that the Godfather had the painting stolen

From 14,900 kr.

On our Reykjavik food lovers tour you get to try the real deal traditional Icelandic cuisine. Smoked puffin, Lamb soup, Hot dog, Fermented shark, Minke whale steak and Skyr all await you on our unique food tour

From 9,900 kr.

Your Reykjavik pub crawl will take you to three of Reykjavik’s best bars to sample 10 of Iceland’s delicious craft beers, most of which you can only find in Iceland! If you don't like beer we will try some Icelandic spirits

From 9,900 kr.

On the Reykjavik Street Food Tour you will get fun facts about our history through the various foods and snacks we will indulge on as we walk together through the city center of Reykjavik. The food stalls and places we visit on our tour is a little secret but you can be sure we visit [...]