Glacier tours

Magical Glacier Hike

From 13,900 kr.

This is our shortest and most popular glacier hike. The well-known magical elements of Snæfellsjökull glacier can be experienced in this tour, especially for those seeking pure contact with unspoiled nature.

From 22,900 kr.

The Midnight Sun Tour is one of the experiences that will probably stay with you forever. We start this tour at our office, Meeting Point B to gear up. From there we drive to our snowcat up to roughly 1000-meter elevation. From there we hike up the remaining 350-meter elevation to Snæfellsjökull glacier’s North Summit while the sun is going down. The views over the clouds

From 9,900 kr.

This tour will take you up to one of the capital area most beloved landmarks the "stone", citizens of the capital area and in fact most citicens of Iceland see the "Stone" as a challenge..

From 8,900 kr.

This tour gives you a full feeling of raw icelandic nature and you will hear about interesting facts and how nature around Reykjavík area was formed from your local guided, we keep...