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Join us on a Super Jeep up to the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, where you'll enter one of a kind natural Ice Cave. The view inside is truly spectacular the combination of the colors of the ice,  The Katla Ice Cave is truly unique. The ice cave is located in Kötlujökull Glacier which is an outlet glacier of Mýrdalsjökull Glacier. Underneath the glacier waits the mighty volcano Katla.

From 30,999 kr.

Into the Glacier and more, is a day tour departing from Reykjavik. Into the Glacier, waterfalls and more – just lay back, relax and enjoy the adventure we have prepared for you......

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Depart from Reykjavik in early morning and experience waterfalls and hot springs on the way! Amazing Day Tour Into the Glacier takes you deep into Langjokull glacier for an amazing once in a lifetime adventure.

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Your Into The Glacier Adventure is truly a unique experience. You will get the opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy one of the world’s greatest wilderness; Iceland’s second largest glacier – from the inside

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Into Ice and Lava

From 39,990 kr.

The Ice Cave Classic is an amazing opportunity to see the Langjökull glacier ice cap and explore what lies below. It's a once in a lifetime experience where you descend into the glacier´s icy netherworld, as well as exploring the nearby lava fields, glacier landscapes and its amazing waterfalls.